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5 Items Every Men Should Own To Be More Manly

1. A Tailored Suit

A Tailored suit has to be the first thing in the list, As a matter of fact nothing is as manly as a tailored suit for a men. A Tailored suit for a men is like a Armor for a war. It gives a men that confidence which he needs the most. It reflects authority without even saying a word. 

Every man needs at least one suit in his closet. But Make sure the suit is tailored to fit your body and show off the hard work you’ve done in the gym, and in the kitchen.

My recommendation is to go with neutral colour like navy, grey or black. These colour works for every skin complexion.  


2. A Watch

You know girls have advantage over us guys in the way of makeup. But we men do have a item which is just like a makeup for men and that is a good watch. Yes, you could check the time on your cell phone or your tablet, or your laptop or the positioning of the sun. But a nice watch says a lot about your taste. Consider it the grandfather of all accessories.

Also it covers your forearms making it shorter and making it appeal more to the opposite sex. Also it shows that you care about your valuable time which is a must for every person who wants to be successful.

So get yourself a good watch, a quality leather watch would serve you better than a sports digital watch and it better than those expensive apple watch as it looks more elegant and timeless. 

3. A Pair Of Sunglasses

Sunglasses come with many benefits with most prominent being that of making any guy look 10 times better that what he really is. Also it makes your face more symmetrical which is found more attractive in a guy but find a pair that compliments your face. Aviators and wayfarers are safe bets if you’re looking to add a little flair.

Also it protects your eyes from sun harmful rays and the dark circles around your eyes. So I don’t think there is any reason to not buy a pair of sunglasses.

4. A Wallet

We’re all too old now to just shove things in our pockets. Also a wallet helps you be more precise as you than try to keep those things which are most crucial and important and it is more systematic approach. And a good looking wallet can definitely be an accessory which you guys can rock. Just remember, this isn’t your father’s giant, bulging leather wallet that protrudes from his back pocket. Go for a thinner version or use a simple card holder. That is more feasible and fashionable.

5. Cologne

Here’s something you already know: Women like a man who smells good and more than that it makes you feel good about you, gives you that confidence to make the first impression on anyone. It could be your presentation, date or interview. Just remember pick a fragrance which suits your personality. If you’re just starting out picking a fragrance, find one scent you like. Then build on that. Just don’t bathe in it. Spray a little on your chest and the base of your throat.

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Hi, I'm Rajat Garg an aspiring blogger with an obsession for self improvement in every possible field of my life and sharing the same with others.

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