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5 Things Men Should Do Everyday To Be Successful In 2019

1. Set Daily Goals

People have long term goals which they want to achieve. But most of the time tends to forget or give up on them due to their unplanned and unstructured day schedule and the goal seams to get further and further away.

Solution to this problem is to set daily goals which would allow you to reach smaller and shorter milestones. Which further motivates people to work and achieve their daily goal to have a successful day and have a feeling of satisfaction.  It would also allow people to stay committedto their long-term goals.

Setting a goal as small as taking your dog on a walk tomorrow morning comes under it.Start making a journal and start writing in advance what needs to be done next day.It would definitely make a difference.

2. Wake Up 2-3 Hours Before Your Work Day

MASTER YOUR MORNINGS! By developing a solid morning routine would allow you to get the edge over your competitor and it starts by waking early in morning.

There was research done that showed that almost 50% of highly super-duper successful people wake 2-3 hours earlier before there working day starts. Some of those people used that time to meditate, read, exercise, prioritise etc. Which makes the whole difference. When the rest of the world is sleeping and dreaming, those guys are working towards achieving those dreams.

3. Nurture And Cultivate Relationship With People We Care For

Being financially good is ok but that is not the only factor to be a successful person. The third thing which a person can do to have a successful day is by spending timewith people you care for and nurturing the relation which all share.

A small step could be helping your mom daily for one hour with her work. You just need to be a little creative in finding ways of nurturing and cultivating the relationships.

4. Don’t Let The Little Things Get You Down

You must tell this to yourself every day and every time you get out of your shower because sometimes these small stupid things could ruin your whole day if you let them. Yes,” if you let them”.That is the key.

We all know that there are little things which are going to happen to us that sucks. The things which might not work according to us and we might get pissed off and all worked up butTRUST MEby taking a step back and taking a deep breath would allow you to understand that these are very small, little, insignificant things, people, circumstances which don’t matter in grand scheme of things. So, don’t let them bother you.

5. Do Something That Makes You Happy 

Yes, everyday do something that makes you happy. That makes you good and confident about yourself. About who you really are. That could be anything which has to do nothing with any one else. It could be you drawing, playing a video game, exercising, having a cheat meal, helping a poor get his meal or anything which brings a smile on your face and makes you feel happy.

Written by Rajat Garg

Hi, I'm Rajat Garg an aspiring blogger with an obsession for self improvement in every possible field of my life and sharing the same with others.

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