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How To Have Better Personality Than Your Friends

SO, Guys I am sure you might have met someone who has an incredible personality. A personality which you wish you had. That somebody who has personality oozing out of every pore of their body right? But if I were to ask you what makes there personality so incredible than you might not able to pin point those factors. As it is a combination of different factors like a collage. But don’t worry I will go through 5 personality development tips which will help take your personality from average to a incredible personality.

1. Be Your Self 

Felling confidence in being yourself is the first thing which you can work on.The thing is that people try to mold their personality in order to fit in the society or the group. But its not you. You need to get rid of the act you are playing and should try to be yourself who doesn’t change their personality according to situation.You will notice as soon as you start being yourself your personality will blossom.The authentic you is million times better than anything else you could try and possibly be.

2. Don’t Take Your Self To Seriously

The second tip is really important in my opinion as you should learn to laugh on yourself. As it is coming from personal experience. There was a time I used to be so like on guard and try to be perfect in eyes of others but as soon as I understood that no one can be perfect and I also do dump things I started to feel better about myself. Also, it comes to the first tip that is being authentic you which comes by realizing the real you and instead of enacting you should let it be the way it is. 

3. Be More Engaging

Ask more questions, engage people but it is not only about asking questions but also listening. Being active listener is a really attractive ability as people like a person who can ask question and dive a little bit into it, act and show that you are interested in what they have to say. Everyone likes to fell important and if you can facilitate that by just listening to what they have to say than it can be incredibly attractive.

4. Be More Encouraging And Optimistic

You might have noticed that any person who you find has an attractive or incredible personality is encouraging and optimistic. They have positive mindset. They keep on encouraging others without being annoying. Showing confidence in others with their efforts can help boost their efforts and can help bring the confidence of the other person back on himself. Which is a great personality trait to have in yourself.

5. Be More Interesting

So, how are you going to be more interesting? – try more things, you are going to meet new people, you are going to new places, you are going to educate yourself and many more things. These all are the keys to be more interesting because if you’re like one dimensional, you do the same thing every single day like talking to same people, having the same lame conversation than how is your personality going to be? – crappy. Push yourself out of the boundaries get out of your comfort zone as it is amazing way to develop your personality.

Written by Rajat Garg

Hi, I'm Rajat Garg an aspiring blogger with an obsession for self improvement in every possible field of my life and sharing the same with others.

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