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3 Must Have Outfit For Guys In Their Wardrobe 2019​

outfit for guys
outfit for guys
denim look

Gentlemen, I am sure there is always a time when you are wondering what outfit to wear for a specific occasion. That specific occasion could be a casual hangout with friends or a night out. May be its your first date. Or maybe it’s a party. Don’t worry in this article I will help you figure out three outfit which I consider should be in every men’s wardrobe.

1. The Perfect Casual Cool Look

outfit for guys

This look consists:

  • Henley t-shirt /polo t-shirt/Round neck t-shirt
  • Denim jeans
  • Casual belt
  • Pair of chukkas/ sneaker.                                        This outfit option screams that I am low-key today but don’t get it twisted I’m still super fly.Your perfect casual cool outfit should seamlessly transition from early afternoon to evening and above-mentioned outfit could easily do that for you. The above-mentioned outfit is ideal for hanging out with your friends in the day time or at the coffee shop.

2. The Dressy Casual Look

formal shirt

This look consists:

  • Oxford shirt
  • chinos/ trousers
  • Monk strap
  • Belt.                                                                             This outfit is a bit dressier than the previous outfit. As previous outfit was fun during the day but now you want to look sharper and cooler at the same time and this outfit provides you just that. The dressy casual outfit is an outfit which you put on when going for a decent dinner, date or something special in the evening. You can elevate this outfit by adding a V-neck sweater and a tie on this.

3. The Dress To Impress Look

formal outfit

This look consists:

  • White or black button up shirt
  • Suit/sports coat/blazer
  • Monk strap/any other formal shoes
  • Tie/pocket square/bow tie
  • Belt                                                                              The third and the final outfit is not specific to what I told you above. It is that outfit which is your stylish suit of armor which makes you stylish force of nature and nothing can stick to you. The outfit which you know will make you 100 times more confident. The outfit which makes you feel like a fashion model or the center of attraction.

Above mentioned outfits are my preferences yours could be different. Try these Outfit mentioned above play with it and find your own 3 must have outfit.

Written by Rajat Garg

Hi, I'm Rajat Garg an aspiring blogger with an obsession for self improvement in every possible field of my life and sharing the same with others.

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