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6 Hobbies that makes you MORE attractive

more attractive
more attractive

You know guys, sometime you feel bored with your life and want to try something new outside the box. Well, if you are in that mood why not try activities that will expand your knowledge and your skill set that are fun but also at the same time makes you attractive. If that’s your plan than here are some activities you can do that makes you more attractive.

1. Working Out (Exercising)

be more attractive

So, there is no doubt that men who work out or go to gym or matter of fact are involved in any kind of sports are perceived attractive by others. Keeping aside the fact that it helps you remain fit, stress free and provides you that confidence in yourself, that discipline which takes you a long way in your life and I guarantee you 100% that once you start going to gym and start lifting than there will be no looking back from your side.


makes you more attractive

The second hobby you can get into is MMA or any form of fighting or martial arts. Don’t get me wrong I am not encouraging violence as these are sports which you can play as a hobby which do keep you fit and is fun but also by having such hobby you are sending a subliminal message to her that you are a rugged guy and you know how to defend yourself and her if needed. Through which you will be able to provide her that sense of protection which most guys aren’t able to. Which is 100 times sexier and come on you are just beating dudes for fun in the name of hobbies.

3. Cooking


You must have heard that women love men who can cook and trust me they do. As it shows that you are comfortable and confident with your masculinity and there is nothing more sexy than breaking gender norms by just being the person that cooks for her this time. Also, this hobby helps you with different goals in your life and one being keeping your diet on track as you might not need to order fast food just because you are starving and can’t cook. Also it makes you self-dependent which is sexy.

4. Learn To Dance Or To Play An Instrument

be more attractive

You must have seen a guy playing an instrument, singing or may be dancing in any function or in general and you might have noticed how they are always able to attract people attention and makes themselves more desirable by others specially girls. It is because they are different from other regular men as their skill shows that they haven’t just lived their teenage life preparing for 12th class exams so that they could get admission in good college. The skill which they have in this case is something which everyone doesn’t have in them. Which makes them special and 10 times more desirable than a regular man.


5. Photography


Capturing that amazing view is a skill which is not that easy to learn. The way you capture an image portrays your creativity and the thing with creativity is that you can discover your creativity by indulging in more such activities. This is a kind of skill you could add to your bio which makes you more interesting as a person.

6. Work On Your Other Week Areas

more attractive

This is one of my person hobby that I like to do. As you must work on those skills at which you are not that great. As those skill might be really crucial for your future or may be that skill could provide you that x factor. Also working on your week links at the time when it does not matter much is the right way of working on them according to me. It also shows the determination of the guy towards his dreams and the kind of person he is in general and this hobby brings you as a sexy beast in the eyes of a girl or anyone in general.

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