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5 Tricks To Stop Being Shy In 2020

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Today I'll be talking about the habit of being shy. Being introvert and being shy is two different things. It's ok to be introvert but it's not ok to be a shy person as being shy is not something that we are born with. it is something that we have learnt over the time. The majority of us get shy because we are too concerned about what other people think. we start judging ourselves based on other people standards. Lots of time it's just easier just to be shy and be like oh I am shy I am not going to participate, I am not going to go out, I am not going to talk because I don't want to risk rejection and if you are one of those men then you are going to miss out on so many amazing opportunity this world has in store for you so guys today I will be talking about daily habits that will help you break the bad habit of shyness.

1. Stop Labelling Yourself As SHY


Guys if you labelling yourself in your head like "I am a shy person" " I am a shy person" then please stop because it's an excuse you got to stop it. we tell ourselves that we are shy we tell ourselves we are not going to have a good time that nobody likes us way Before we get out and experience. we have already determined that we are shy that stops us from being who we really are and prevent us to engage with other people.

2. Punch That Little Voice In The Back Of Your Head That's Holding You Back

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Guys, I want you is to do a single thing daily when you wake up just look into your handsome face and punch that little voice that says you are not smart enough you are not strong enough you are not attractive enough and whatever. And how do you do that? it's simple, it all starts with giving yourself a little Pep talk you got to say that I'm awesome and I am going to kick some ass today. You have to say this to yourself time and time again by this you are recirculating the old perceived image of yours to the new confident image in your brain. You are just resetting your brain as it is crucial for you to get rid of your old perceived image that is holding you down.

3. Face Your Shyness Head-On

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Very crucial to face your shyness as it is the only way that you could feel more comfortable the next time when you are in a similar scenario. I have seen that when we face are shyness it could be really intimidating but as you do that more often than it becomes more comfortable for you. shyness for you could be in a scenario where you come across people who are smarter than you, are more intelligent than you. But you need to tell yourself that you need to talk to them and just try to overcome your Limited beliefs and over time you will observe that you have become more comfortable in these situations and you don't get intimidated and don't feel shy anymore.

4. Remember The Things Which You Are Great At

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This is the most important point to Remember out of all the points which I have talked about till now. all of us have some sort of qualities or skills which makes us unique from each other. There is something which you have I might not and something that I might have but you don't. we all need to embrace and nurture that unique quality or skill. These abilities not only make you get rid of your shyness but also give you that edge over others. It is a fact that you are 10 times more confident when you are good at something that others aren't.

5. Workout


Now you would ask that how can work out of all other things can help me get rid of my shyness? The answer to that is yes it can. The thing with workout or exercising is that it provides you all kind of benefits one being making you less shy. How you ask – simple workout does this weird thing with your brain, the more you exercise, the more you push your body physically, the stronger your mind gets and when you strengthen your mind guys everything in your life gets better including your ability to talk confidently, to engage more with people and not feel so super freaking awkward.

Written by Rajat Garg

Hi, I'm Rajat Garg an aspiring blogger with an obsession for self improvement in every possible field of my life and sharing the same with others.

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